Rose Necklace in 18k Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver with Pearls and Nacre

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Helpfulness And Care

Jewelry Care:

Jewelry care is an important issue to consider when purchasing or wearing any type of jewelry such as earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. The quality of the metal and the way jewelry is cared for can affect how it looks and how long it lasts.

For jewelry made of metals like brass and stainless steel, cleaning and maintenance are crucial to its durability and shine. A piece of brass jewelry must be clean before being stored. This can be accomplished by using dry cloths. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is resistant to rust and does not require regular maintenance. However, it can still get dirty and can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth.

For jewelry made of 925 Silver, maintenance is even more important. 925 Silver is a soft metal that can be scratched and tarnished with regular use. To keep sterling silver jewelry in good condition, regular careful cleaning with a cotton cloth is recommended. It is important to avoid exposing sterling silver jewelry to harsh chemicals such as chlorine, as this can damage the jewelry's shine and durability.


Regardless of the type of metal used to make jewelry, it is always important to store jewelry safely and dry, as moisture and temperature changes can damage and tarnish jewelry. In addition, it is important to avoid direct contact with liquids, such as water or perfumes, which can damage some metals.